Baruch Hakim- Law Offices
Our office has experience of 18 years in commercial , corporatelaw, real estate, planning and construction civil and legal litigation

Baruch Hakim – Law Offices was established in January, 2002. The firm specializes in civil – commercial law, primarily in the areas of real estate, corporate law, and insolvency – corporate restructuring, receivership and bankruptcy, including banking, technology, and sports law.

Baruch Hakim – Law Offices is located at 3 Hanechoshet Street, CU complex, Building B, Ramat Hachayal, Tel Aviv, 5th floor.

Firm Profile

3 Ha’nechoshet St.Building B Level 5, CU Compund Ramat Ha’hayal, Tel-Aviv 6971068

Baruch Hakim – Law Offices was established in January, 2002 and is located in the Amot Investments building located at 2 Weizman Street in Tel Aviv. The firm specializes in civil-commercial law, primarily in the areas of real estate, corporate law, and insolvency – corporate restructuring, receivership and bankruptcy, including banking, technology, and sports law. As a “boutique” firm, it is able to uniquely provide a professional, quality, and prompt response to every client.  Our professional approach is based on the perception that each client is an independent entity, with its own structure and needs. We aspire to adapt the services we provide to the particular needs of each client

Our clients receive personal attention and individual care.  The lawyers in our firm are trained to represent them in the best possible way while adapting to every situation in which they are needed: conducting negotiations, appearing before public authorities, and providing legal representation in court, arbitration, or mediation proceedings.The lawyers in the firm combine practical experience in civil and commercial litigation along with commercial transactional work in our practice areas. This enables us to work with the client wherever necessary, with a broad and in-depth understanding of his needs, and in the most efficient and worthwhile manner. Due to the practice areas of the firm, most of the lawyers represent our clients primarily in the district courts and the Supreme Court

Baruch Hakim

Lawyer and Founder

Baruch Hakim, Advocate, was born in 1971 and admitted to the Israel Bar Association in 1997. He received a Master of Laws degree (LL.M) from Bar-Ilan University and a Bachelor of Laws degree (LL.B) from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Prior to establishing the law firm, Mr. Hakim was a partner in the law firm of Shani, Hakim, and Co. Mr. Hakim’s expertise is in commercial and civil law, especially in the areas of real estate, corporate law, insolvency law; receivership, liquidation and restructuring of companies including banking law, trust law,  and obligations law. In these proceedings he has served as special director, liquidator, receiver, and trustee. For approximately 6 years Mr. Hakim has served as an outside director in a public company, Aspen Group, Ltd., a leading company in the area of high yield real estate in Israel and abroad

In addition to representing tens to hundreds of individuals and/or companies, in all Israeli courts in civil claims, arbitrations and mediations, temporary administrative petitions, etc., Mr. Hakim also serves as bankruptcy trustee in approximately 300 bankruptcies. The firm has also represented corporations and stakeholders in corporate liquidation and restructuring proceedings, including among them Hatehof, Solor Investments and Solor Industries, Yachniuk, Ltd., Vita Pri Hagalil, A.C.M. Air Conditioning Manufacturers, Ltd., and many others. In the firm’s commercial practice, Mr. Hakim provides legal counsel to companies with regard to raising capital in Israel and abroad, mergers and acquisitions, and business collaborations. His experience in conducting negotiations and in commercial contracts includes investment agreements with financial entities and international companies as well as transactions in the area of technology

Mr. Hakim has represented Israeli corporations, investors and entrepreneurs in the areas of energy and real estate in Eastern European countries, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, the Far East – especially Thailand, and at present primarily in Spain. He has served as counsel to corporations in the restructuring process, without the need for legal proceedings. Mr. Hakim is a member of the Corporations Committee, the Capital Market Committee, and the Receiverships and Liquidations Committee of the Israel Bar Association in the District of Tel Aviv. Mr. Hakim is certified to serve as defense counsel in the military courts in accordance with the Military Justice Law 5715-1955

Orit Blanca


Orit Blanca is legal counsel with expertise in technology and intellectual property. Advocate Orit Blanca holds a Bachelor of Laws degree (LL.B.) from Tel-Aviv University and a Master of Laws degree (LL.M.), with honors, from Saint Louis University, MO, USA. Orit brings to the firm legal services concerning commercial matters in the areas of intellectual property, technology and communications. Her focus on agreements includes software development and licensing, outsourcing, customization, support and maintenance (SLA), equipment and hardware supply, purchasing (RMA), distribution, escrow agreements, and more.

Orit has in-depth experience in international commercial negotiations in Israel, Europe, Africa and the Far East, as well as extensive knowledge of various legal systems in her area of expertise, thus enabling a significant advantage in negotiating with international organizations. For more than 13 years Orit served as Senior Corporate Counsel for Amdocs, both in Israel and the United States. In that position she managed negotiations with customers and suppliers in complex transactions.

During the past five years, Orit has provided legal services to companies in Israel for local and international technology projects in diverse industries (high-tech, tourism, communications, satellites, security and defense). Orit represents both large and midsize businesses, and is skilled in adapting transaction management to the individual client’s needs, with an emphasis on pragmatism and professionalism.

Gil Vioreanu Grossman


Gil Vioreanu Grossman, born in 1972, has a bachelor’s degree LLB from the University of Manchester in England, and an M.A. in Economics and Business Administration from Ono College. Gil has about 15 years of experience in the field of commercial law with specialization in Start-up Companies and technology, raising capital and mass recruitment capital system, business modeling examinations, Gil has vast business experience in management of trade and distribution companies both in Israel and abroad. In addition, Gil provides ongoing legal advice to the firm’s clients, on current subjects such as the establishment of the legal corporation suitable for the client’s needs, Founders agreements, commercial agreements, agreements with service providers and suppliers, tenders, and healthcare services. Gil was formerly the owner and partner of law firm who had a unique expertise in the United States in immigration laws.